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My original training and degree was in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics.As students we were encouraged to experiment with our materials and find out what we could do with them before we stared to design our finished pieces. Great importance was placed on work books and folders and drawing from life and observation was compulsory. This has become the foundation for the way I teach. I am also becoming more interested in assisting students to develop original designs and will be offering separate workshops to cover this.


I have various textile/stitch qualifications and am an experienced adult education tutor.

I can offer a range of workshops over various periods of time.


I no longer offer one day workshops –

I’m getting too old for all the loading and lifting.

Believe it or not, it takes just as long to prepare for a one day workshop as it does for a 3 day.


2 – 3 day Workshops

Longer workshops enable us to develop more ideas and give more time to resolve a small, considered piece of work.


I teach regularly in New Zeeland and Jaipur, India.


If you aren’t sure of what you would like me to teach, have a look at the online courses and they may give you some ideas.


I can mix workshops around to suit whatever you need.

Email me and we can start a discussion.



Kim Thittichai


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